We are a branding and design studio that combines strategy and aesthetic to construct modern, memorable and unique brands and websites for ballsy, unapologetic, trailblazing businesses.

Building Foundations for Unforgettable Brands

When working with clients, we hope to pave the path for a generation of brave, authentic and unique entrepreneurs to shine by bringing bravery and innovation back to design. 

Our mission is to work with unapologetic businesses to create beautiful, strong and unique brands that raise a middle finger to the status quo.

We Are

We Are Who

Modern Line Co. takes your vision and idea and creates a strategically structured brand and website that looks like home through all your most pivotal moments as a business.

Call us a branding architect - from blueprints to building the foundation for unforgettable brands, we've got you bitch. Get ready to call your new-construction brand and website your forever home!

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Selection of our built for you branding and fully customized website design and development

Complete Branding
+ Custom Website

*New services coming soon!*


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer branding only?

Simple answer, no. While we strive to be inclusive to all, we believe that strategy and cohesiveness is super important when it comes to creating the overhaul of your business. We want to provide the full experience from ground up resulting in a strong foundation for your website which includes the branding.

Have more questions on this? Reach out to us to chat! We're transparent around here.


Do you provide "just a logo design"?

Simple answer, no. While we strive to be inclusive to all, we believe that strategy is super important when it comes to creating branding for your business. We want to provide the full experience from ground up resulting in a strong foundation for your brand.


What platform do you use for website design?

We've found that ShowIt is the best platform for design and development. It allows full creative control on our end and is easy to use when passed off to our clients at the end of our time together. 

ShowIt allows for easy domain transfer and setup, SEO input within the program, drag and drop, and so many more benefits. If you have any questions regarding ShowIt, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!!


Whats the turnaround for your brand + website packages?

Currently our timeline is 8-10 weeks. If we exceed expectations on that timeline, perf! If you need a rush on your project, please add that to the message box when you submit the contact form so we can best accommodate you.

This timeline is set so that we can develop and strategize the most solid foundation for your website that will suit you through all your pivotal moments as a business.

Within the 10 weeks, you'll receive your complete branding. From there you have time to schedule professional branding photos with your new brand guidelines so that when it comes to website design + development we have all the necessities to create a cohesive unit.


do you accept payment plans?

We require a deposit to secure your spot on our calendar at $1,000.00. Payment plans can be arranged during our onboarding process and will be scheduled to for the remainder of your balance until your brand and website are ready to be launched!

** please note that payment plans must be completed and the balance paid in full before you are given the share key to your website. 



Yes! We check in at 3 and 6 months post launch to see how things are going with your new brand and website. In the month of launch, we are available for any bug fixes needed.

We also offer continued support through add-ons if you realize you need more design work or cohesiveness within your client management software. Other add-ons include:
  • print collateral
  • GIFs for social media / website
  • CRM design up to 5 pages
  • Instagram stickers for stories

all add-ons are for clients that have booked a branding and website package and are charged at an hourly rate of $50/hr.


Let's Build Something
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You want your business to break the mold. To be innovative. To be iconic. To change the landscape. Brick by fucking brick.

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